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Play is a liberating, expressive and intrinsic activity, a natural part of who we are and have been as children.


It stems from a fundamental curiosity and desire of self-expression that we all share.

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Inspired Design


The Massera collection is the outcome of an intrinsic journey of self-expression through the rediscovery of play, the undirected experimentation that yields serendipity.

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Massera, or ‘to knead’, is the fundamental way we interact with clay. The pliant form makes for an involved and expressive activity, that puts us back in touch with our fun-filled, creative side.


The design of the Massera collection originated as soft, pliable Play-Doh, an accidental invention by itself. The collection’s soft yet elegant contours channel the organic shapes of Play-Doh and the freeform experimentation that can moulded from clay.

The Collection.

Playing with clay unlocks an unexpected sense of freedom, one where you are not limited by geometry and joinery.


Discover the fluid expressions of clay that blend organic form with function make Massera a distinctive accompaniment to your contemporary home.


Defy conformity.

Break free from the traditional boundaries of design,

like child's play.


Children play with no bounds to their thinking, letting imagination run free. Then why don't you?


Explore new contours, define new spaces and create a unique experience with Messara.




A soft substance produced in different colours, used especially by young children to create shapes and models that let's them play, learn and grow.

Play, Create.

Set your imagination free.

Explore new possibilities, unlock new contours, envision new forms - with Massera.

Other Collections

Explore a plethora of options to choose from with our exclusive collections. Each of our carefully crafted pieces revive traditional artforms of furniture craftsmanship, but with a contemporary aesthetic.


A medley of wood and cane, this collection is an ode to the rich tradition of Indian woodwork, reimagined for the contemporary home.


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With its roots set in the Sangam Tamil era, the beautiful and geometric forms of the Aayutha collection explores stone and wood textures to elevate the senses.


Magari, means a feeling of Hope.

At Magari, we strive to bring our ideas for unique contemporary home interiors that offer a touch of heritage and Indian craftsmanship.

From furniture, furnishings, kitchens, rugs, wardrobes, lighting and so much more to explore, our store inspires you to reimagine your interiors.

Explore new, refreshing home interior ideas and bring home something truly timeless today.

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