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Play, Experimentation



Design Team

Magari Design



Organic designs,
Playful Creations

Subtle curves and soft forms give the Massera collection a sense of whimsical charm. The playful forms are an eye-catching medley of materials. They are shaped and contoured to flow together into an unexpectedly refreshing take on contemporary home furniture.

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The soft touch fabric finish of the Massera collection evokes the satisfyingly malleable form of clay. The same softness flows into the design as well. The curves and contours of this collection offer a unique perspective – one of light-hearted joy, unhindered exploration, and self-discovery.

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Contemporary Elegance

Playful. Exquisite. Unique.

Run your hands along and discover the malleability of Massera. Experience the plush comfort offered by the range of fabric options by Yavanika, our in-house furniture brand to personalize Massera for your home.


Choose from endless options in patterns and textures from select mills that let you express the inspirational forms of Massera in your own home in a way that best fits your interiors.

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